Poncho fever

It’s been said that friends don’t let friends wear ponchos, but I have, of late, been pining for the poncho I never had, and this has been reflected in some of my recent tweets:

#PeopleShouldStop saying mean things about #crochet granny square #ponchos & other #awesome outerwear!

#ShoutOutToTheGirlsThat #crochet ponchos and all other manner of awesomeness!

#ThingsISayToHaters : I’m going to #crochet you the world’s most awesome poncho!

So today I surfed the internet in search of the perfect poncho. I found this pattern from Lion Brand® Yarn:

Groovy Granny Poncho from Lion Brand® Yarn

If you are the sort who likes crochet ponchos (and I am), this design has a lot to recommend it.

First, it completely embraces the crochet aesthetic. Not only is it a crochet poncho, it is a crochet poncho made with the 3dc clusters that define all manner of granny goodness.

Made with Lion Brand® Homespun® yarn and a 6.5mm hook, it has excellent drape, but as I wanted to use the scrap yarn that I already have at my disposal, my first order of business was figuring out how long the starting chain would need to be if one were using a 5.5mm hook and the worsted weight yarn that populates my various scrap stashes.

To get a sense of it, I got out my Etimo crochet hook wallet, pulled out the I hook, and used Red Heart Super Saver pumpkin to make a foundation chain of 23 + 2 chains. I then worked a swatch that alternated between rows of 6 and 5 3dc clusters:

test swatch for a granny strip crochet poncho
A pumpkin granny strip I swatched to estimate the starting chain for a crochet granny poncho

Based on the length of this swatch (approximately 7″), the starting chain should be 96 stitches long.

I don’t know why, when I have gone so many years without a poncho, I feel overcome with a need to make one, but I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and begin the work necessary to quell my poncho fever.

9 thoughts on “Poncho fever

  1. LONG LIVE THE “GRANNY”!!!!!!!!!!!!To bad for the haters, for they are missing out… The “G” is what started me hooken’ as my Grandma Amie tought it to me. I took it from there. She would be (is,if u believe) proud of me continuing on. One of faves is a “G” square dress that i saw in the n-paper as a “runway “dress. It is art…. I KNOW it takes time and dedication to do “G’s” great pattern cant wait to see results…

  2. My Mom made me a poncho when I was in my teens: it was made up of 2 rectangles and were joined on the angle short side to short side… cannot remember if it was 2 or 3 strands of yarn worked together… brown and tan!!! I wore it until it fell to shreds… My granddaughter were one made for her in RHSS denim, blue and cream: this one worked in the same shape as your pattern but was a ripple!!
    I imagine yours in rainbowliciousness!!!!! SO looking forward to seeing your progress<3

  3. How funny! I, too, have been getting a touch of poncho fever of late and have been saving likely looking candidates on Ravelry. And then I shall show my poncho pride wherever I go!

  4. I have that exact poncho pattern in my ravelry queue! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get to it yet but love love LOVE that pattern! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out – good luck!

  5. Ponchos appear to be the in thing (in some areas) right now, so now is the time to let friends wear ponchos! I saw several beautiful ones at Kohl’s a couple months ago and was drawn to them, when I’ve never worn one before. (I did leave them on the rack though as I was there in search of something else at the time).

    Can’t wait to your finished poncho!

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