Of big circles and cupcakes

I am, at the moment, in the final stages of a project that has reached the point at which it has become a bit of a slog. There is very little creative work left to be done on the project, but there are 118 pieces left to attach in some fashion or another and 250 ends or so left to woven in.

I have worked on some aspect of it daily for nearly a month now, and while I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, it can be hard to keep my eyes on that light when there are distractions like this tempting me:

A granny circle squared (courtesy of Signed with an Owl)

I mean, seriously, how I am I supposed to stay focused on my current projects with motifs like that clamoring for my attention?

As tempting as I found this motif, I dutifully clicked all of the necessary buttons and added it to my queue at Ravelry without even picking up a hook and yarn to give it a try.

In addition to being added to my queue at Ravelry, this aptly named (Squaring the Big Circle) motif is now number 78 on my personal crochet bucket list.

For those of you free start on this right now, Kate Jenks (creator of this design) has prepared an excellent tutorial that you can find right here.

Having resisted one temptation just seemed to have led me to another when I encountered this cupcake which soon became item 77 on my crochet bucket list:

Amigurumi cupcake designed by Adrienn Berki

The brainchild of Adrienn Berki, I find this cupcake irresistible on several levels.

First, I love the colors. Second, I love the detail. Third, I love cupcakes.

The pattern for this little beauty can be found here.

When I get up in the morning, I will once again turn my attention to the project that is very nearly (but not quite) done, and maybe (just maybe) if the crochet force is with me, I will finish it before sundown.

2 thoughts on “Of big circles and cupcakes

  1. Yowza Leslie – all those ends….. of course as I am blind as to ‘what’ this project is I’m wondering don’t you incorporate the ends as you go along? I know in some instances it can be difficult depending on type of pattern however I would its the worst feeling to have tackled a much desired to try piece and then hate the small details that can cause one NOT to finish such a gargantuan undertaking…My work is not on the scale or complexity of yours – and I do not mean to sound disrespectful but its hard to understand why you’d not catch all those ends in as you go?

    1. Good morning, Lyn! Not all ends can be worked in as you go, and if you are making multiple pieces to be attached, it can be horribly inefficient to pick up a needle, weave in the ends, and then set it down. At this point, I am basically using an assembly line process for parts creation. Having said that, I need to get some breakfast and then get back to the crochet mines to do my work. 🙂

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