One bag ta-done, and one bag to go!

This weekend, I once again had the good fortune to work with the crochet wind at my back.

I started with the heart festooned bag-to-be since it was closer to done.

There was a lining to be sewn to the body of the purse, a couple of small boho-inspired hearts to be appliquéd to the handles/edging, handles/edging to be attached to the body of the purse, and then, any remaining ends in need of weaving in and trimming to be woven in and trimmed.

I spent every available minute on Friday working on the purse, and I had high hopes of finishing before I went to bed, but sleep overtook me before I had finished attaching the handles/edging and weaving in the resulting ends.

When I awoke on Saturday, the first thing I did was fix a pot of coffee to help fuel my work, and by lunch one bag was finished and I had just one bag to go:

crochet heart festooned granny square purse
One side of the heart festooned bag
crochet heart festooned granny square purse
The other side of the heart festooned bag

I did not, however, have any time to bask in the joy of having completed the heart festooned bag as there was still much work to be done on my donut bag-to-be, and I did not want to squander the finishing mojo that completing the heart festooned bag had generated.

First I laid out the two-round squares for the handles/edging and went about the business of joining them. With that done, I wove in the ends and trimmed them which brought me to the lining part of the project.

I started by making a template from the body of the bag of my donut bag-to-be:

template for the fabric lining of a crochet purse
Template for my crochet donut purse lining

and then I used it to cut out the two fabrics I am using to line said bag, pinned together the seams for each color, sewed those seams, put one lining inside the other, pinned together the new seams, sewed those as well, and then turned the whole thing inside out.

Somewhere in there I had also managed to finish joining the seams of the body of the bag still to go, and when sunset came, I had an almost-but-not-quite finished donut bag to be with another two hours or so of assembly required:

One bag to go: a future crochet donut granny square purse
One bag to go: a future crochet donut granny square purse

I have no doubt that as soon as these projects are finished, two more will quickly take their places; during this past week it took everything I had not to explore another idea that popped into my head as I was walking my dog, but I know that whatever crochet adventure presents itself, I will be ready (with hook in hand) to follow that skein wherever it takes me.

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  1. I can’t ever be completely finished. I must always have some kind of project in the works. It’s easy to start exploring something new even while you have dueling projects. I’m sad to say that this is why I have so many WIPs.

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