Then there were two

March slipped away like sand running through my fingers.

Thirty days gone, and (it would seem) I had nothing to show for it, but this week, my crochet efforts have finally borne fruit, and the two bags that I spent the month of March working on whenever there was a chance to put hook to yarn are finally done. first there was one bag, and then there were two.

Sunday, I finished a heart-festooned extravaganza that employed a variation of my “practically perfect granny square bag” pattern (which I still need to write up) and then decorated with boho hearts leftover from my cousins’ memorial service, and today (after having to undo a rookie error I made last night), I finished the donut bag I was making to coordinate with some shoes that I bought.

I don’t think I could be any happier with it.

Here is one side of the bag with the shoes in question:

crochet donut granny square purse with coordinating vans
One side of the donut bag with my awesome shoes

and here is the other:

crochet donut granny square purse with coordinating vans
The other side of the crochet donut bag with my awesome shoes

Then, while I had a fully charged camera and excellent light, I got this photo of the “then there were two” bags that ate March side-by-side:

And then there were two practically perfect crochet bags
And then there were two practically perfect crochet bags

With the both bags done, I spent a few moments wondering “what next?”

Then I went into my crochet office to put a few things away and saw that it had been enveloped in a vortex of entropy while I worked on my projects:

the nerve center of my crochet empire
My crochet office after a month of neglect

It turns out that I have plenty of crochet projects to choose from, so I will work to bring some order to my office, and then I will embark on the next crochet adventure.


6 thoughts on “Then there were two

  1. Both the donut bag and the heart bag are wonderfully lively and full of joy. It is hard not to run out of superlatives when commenting on your work, but they are gorgeous, too. I have come to expect the spectacular from you, and you don’t disappoint.

  2. I love both of the bags! I’m also just a bit jealous of your crochet office. I don’t have that kind of space so my crochet office is a side table near my chair. Most of my stash lives in a big cedar chest. I try to stay organized & keep busy. I’m looking forward to seeing what your next project will be.

  3. I love the bags! All the hooky work was definitely worth the effort and so cheerful to brighten your outings. Also thanks for the sneaky peak at your office, I’m glad I’m not the only one with an exploding craft room. I havn’t been following your blog for long but I’m glad I found a’ new friend’.

  4. Love your bags. But if you really want to see what a month of neglect, you have to come to my place. `Cause you’re doing it all wrong. You ain’t seen mess until you see my crochet room

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