One of my favorite crochet things

This morning when I prepared to walk my dog, I consulted the weather app my phone to learn the outside temperature before I ventured into the great outdoors and I began to sort through my crochet things looking for something to keep the elements at bay.

More than once the deceptively clear and sunny skies of a late autumn morning have lured me out into a cold, and sometimes breezy morning without the benefit of a hat, gloves, scarf, or a even a coat.

Today, I was taking no chances.

Unlike my dog who loves this kind of weather, I don’t have an insulating undercoat, so I substitute crochet for a personalized sort of outer coat. This morning, in addition to a coat and a scarf that are not crocheted, I wore a crocheted then felted hat that is now old enough to graduate from high school and a pair of crochet Victorian texting gloves. Both have served me well over a number of years, and as my dog and I made our rounds in the just below freezing weather, I was very glad that I had taken the time to consult the weather app on my phone and that I had a large assortment of crochet winter wear to choose from to protect me from the weather.

The Victorian texting gloves are a particular favorite of mine. I made my first pair as part of a trade for a vintage jigsaw puzzle. Here are the texting gloves I crocheted to trade:

crochetbug, textured crochet, crochet Victorian texting gloves, crochet gloves, fingerless crochet gloves
A pair of Victorian texting gloves, one of my favorite crochet things

for this puzzle:

crochetbug, vintage puzzle, jigsaw puzzle
A vintage puzzle box with a puzzle in it

I love the pattern so much I made several more pairs, most of which were given as gifts –something many crocheters do — but then I decided if they make such wonderful gifts, maybe I should make a pair for myself. So I did — in my favorite neutral, grape fizz:

Victorian texting gloves, crochetbug, textured crochet, fingerless crochet gloves
My grape fizz Victorian texting gloves

I love not only that crochet keeps me warm, but that the things I make are a kind of currency I can use to trade for other things that are also interesting and valuable.

I suppose I could have bought the puzzle (if it had been for sale), but having something that the person with the puzzle valued enough to trade with me, was very empowering.

And there is something about being able to make something that you can use and enjoy that money can’t buy.