The return of the scrap yarn granny square

My office has once again devolved into a kind of minor chaos the return of which seems unlikely to end any time soon.

I am in the middle of switching from one cellphone to another, I have the center panel of my state fair project laid out on a paper template in the very middle, and there are piles of assorted “things I want to get done,” strewn about with the idea being that if I can see them, I am more likely to complete them.

That hasn’t exactly worked as I had hoped it would, so now my dining table is (if the heights of various piles are averaged over the entire area) once again about 4″ deep in things to be done.

Against that backdrop, I decided that one thing I could do was to crochet something with the yarn scraps that I have been gathering into a ball, and that something was yet another scrap yarn granny square.

In the late spring of 2015, I caught granny square fever, and despite having crocheted lots of granny square goodness since that time, my granny square over has not yet abated. It is always there, lurking in the recesses of my brain, making my fingers itch to do more 3 dc “granny shells” as I think of them.

So today, with my 6.0 mm hook in my right hand and a crochet tension regulator affixed to my left index finger I got to work.

I had two goals.

One was to use some of the scraps so I would not have to put them away, and the other was to find out just how drapable (or not) a granny square crocheted with worsted weight yarn and a 6.0 mm hook would be.

Eight yarn scraps later, here is what I had:

The return of the scrap yarn granny square with center of my latest scrap yarn granny effort
The return of the scrap yarn granny square with center of my latest scrap yarn granny effort

I am using my current go-to favorite granny pattern — a chain-1 corner with no chains between the 3 dc shell — and so far the drape-ability of the square is everything I hoped it would be.

Tomorrow the forecast is for another day of clear skies and sunshine, so I expect that at some point I will find myself adding to this granny square while clearing off my office table in the only way possible: one stitch at a time.

One thought on “The return of the scrap yarn granny square

  1. I like the scrap granny! Very colorful. Even MORE drape can be achieved by washing the squares or washing the piece after you assemble the squares. The washing machine and dryer take all of the sizing out of the yarn, making it soft and pliable!

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