The under utilized back loop

One thing that makes Catherine DePasquale’s Victorian Texting Glove pattern so charming is her use of varied stitches and textures in one place, and one of my favorite elements is the back loop only (aka BLO) single crochet stitch that she uses to excellent effect.

That back loop only is often used to provide a stretchy ribbing as is done here in a slip stitch in Beth Hall’s Seafarer’s cap:

claret crochet cap
A claret seafarer’s crochet cap for Robert

It is also often used to create texture and some drape, as I did here in this throw:

textured crochet square detail
A detail of the front

But in the Victorian texting gloves pattern, Catherine DePasquale uses it to do both, and while she does not understand why there is still so much demand for the pattern, I do: it is perfect.

So I am pleased to announce that her free crochet pattern is once again available, and while you are at her blog, please check out her writing as well as her genius crochet.

And if you need a last minute gift as I did one year, you might just find it is the perfect pattern for your needs:

crochetbug, fingerless crochet gloves, stash down, vintage yarn
Ready to be blocked

Which brings me to the present.

Last year, after letting some gorgeous wool roving I had purchased sit for far too long, I decided to make the winter crochet gear I had envsionsed, and I got a start by making a back loop only slip stitch ear warmer. One that needs, to my mind, a pair of back loop only stitch fingerless gloves to go with it.

And while I have not yet been able to perfect my gauge, I did make progress:

crochetbug, back loop only slip stitch, fingerless crochet gloves, ribbed crochet
A future fingerless back loop only slips stitch glove
crochetbug, back loop only slip stitch, fingerless crochet gloves, ribbed crochet, crochet ear warmer
Back loop only slip stitch winter gear

When I finish the fingerless gloves, I have some ideas for a coordinating scarf, and I will work toward that goal, one stitch at a time.