Pantone 287

I live in North Carolina, a small town of 10 million people that takes its college basketball VERY seriously.

Living in the area known was the triangle, most of the people in my neighborhood are either Carolina fans, State fans, or Blue Devil fans, although I am sure there are hidden pockets of Deacon Demons fans nestled in a corner somewhere. (For those readers unfamiliar with the nuances of the teams previously listed, they are in order, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Tarheels; North Carolina State University, Wolfpack; Duke University, Blue Devils; Wake Forest University, Demon Deacons.)

Today I had to set aside my UFOs (unfinished objects) and work out the details of an order I took for an African Flower hexagon soccer ball.

The recipient of the soccer ball to be is a little girl who loves to play soccer, and who is (just as I am) a Duke Blue Devils fan.

I want this soccer ball to be perfect.

To that end, the first order of business was determining which shade of Red Heart Super Saver yarn would be the best shade of blue for this project.

After doing a little research, I learned that the color known as Duke Blue is registered as Pantone 287, but that Pantone numbers 283 through 289 are also used depending on the requirements of the medium in which the color is being used.

While this was interesting, it didn’t get me any closer to determining which color I needed, so I rummaged through my son’s closet, found a pair of officially licensed Duke shorts, and compared the blues in my collection of Red Heart Super Saver yarn to the color of the shorts. I finally settled on number 886 which was the slightest bit lighter than the officially licensed blue, but was by far the closest match in the Red Heart Super Saver line.

I packed up my Etimo hook set, three skeins of Red Heart Super Saver (one blue, one soft white, and one black), and set out on the first of the day’s endless errands.

By the time my son’s dental appointment (complete with orthodontic consult) was completed, I had these four hexagons to choose from:

blue flower crochet hexagon
African flower crochet hexagon version 1.0

white flower crochet hexagon
African flower crochet hexagon version 1.1

white flower crochet hexagon with a blue border
African flower crochet hexagon version 1.2

blue flower crochet hexagon
African flower crochet hexagon version 2.0

Later in the day, while I was waiting at his trumpet lesson, I finished these two pentagons:

african flower crochet pentagon worked in black yarn
Black crochet pentagon for an African Flower Hexagon soccer ball

african flower crochet pentagon worked in blue yarn
Blue crochet pentagon for an African Flower Hexagon soccer ball

The little girl’s mother will be deciding which hexagon and which pentagon will be used for the soccer ball, but I know that whatever she chooses, it will be perfect, just like the excerpt from this game which I was lucky enough to be able to attend so many years ago.

3 thoughts on “Pantone 287

  1. Go Duke!! I would like version 2.0 with a white hexigon – most soccer balls are black & white… But you are right , which ever one the mom chooses will be fun.

    1. I hadn’t considered a white pentagon. I’ll have to let her know that’s an option.

  2. I don’t know if you get sand dollars in North Carolina, but I think they’re enchanting. You’ll see why your soccer ball reminds me of them from this pic:

    I’ve only ever seen these white, dried out skeletons, but when I googled sand dollar, I came across living lilac coloured ones, and Rachel Gourley’s interpretations in polymer clay, reminiscent of millefiori glass, and wondered if they might inspire you. I must admit that, while I love the serenity of white sand dollars, I so enjoy your wonderful colours!

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