Ponchos, ponchos, everywhere

It would seem that my friend from college is not alone in her pursuit of the pefect poncho.

Right now, my Facebook feed is filled with the posts of a number of my crochet peeps who — in addition to the usual holiday fare –all seem to be working on various and assorted ponchos.

So much so that Friday, after I finished work on figuring out the joining for my friend’s future poncho:

crochet for two crochet squares
Working out the joining details of a future poncho
a crochet join
A detail of the crochet join

The join has just the right amount of drape and is easy to do, and it inspired me so much that I went to bed with visions of crochet ponchos dancing in my head.

Yesterday was filled with a number of household and other projects that I wanted and needed to get finished, so I put of my ideas until today, and then I got a start on it.

I did several things that didn’t work the way I had thought they would (mostly on the too ruffly side), but eventually, I managed to work out the details of a square that I think (once I get all of the rounds done) will be “just right,” and I was able to get this just-before-sunset photo of a future poncho square:

crochet poncho for Josef Albers
A future crochet poncho square

There are folks who have elevated snide to an art form and say “friends don’t let friends wear ponchos,” but I say “friends who don’t let friends wear ponchos aren’t really your friends.”

To my mind, a poncho represents something I call “comfort crochet.” It is simple, it keeps you warm, and as Noel Fielding notes: “It’s impossible to be unhappy while wearing a poncho!”