Putting the crochet cart before the crochet horse

On Tuesday, after I had finished work on the pink crochet skull that was (and is) my initial foray into the pattern known as Mr. Yarn Bones, I was certain would have it done for today’s blog post, but it seems I put my crochet cart before my crochet horse.

I had made substantive progress before the sun went down on Sunday:

A pink crochet skull about halfway  done made using the Mr. Yarn Bones pattern.

Monday, however, got eaten by errands, and it wasn’t until late in the day, by the light of a lamp, that I was able to continue work on the skull. I made substantive progress, getting as far as round 38, where the pattern directed me to “recenter” the piece.

When crocheting in the round, over a number of rounds, the first stitch drifts toward the right, if you crochet right-handed, and toward the left if you crochet left-handed. Aimee Borst, the designer of Mr. Yarn Bones, has come up with a simple and brilliant solution. Simply recenter the project by advancing a few stitches, so when I finished round 38 of the skull, I crocheted three stitches. The next stitch I crocheted was now “the first” stitch of round 39:

This simple adjustment made a world of difference. A couple of more rounds with the reentered skull, and I was ready to begin “the stuffing,” which—because I had to insert my stuffing filled hand into a somewhat narrow crochet tube—turned out to be kind of arduous:

A pink crochet skull in need of stuffing and voids
I start stuffing Yoricka

My stuffing skills are not super great to begin with, and each time I work on a project that requires skilled stuffing, I am reminded of this truth. It also occurred to me, that if I had begun stuffing a dozen or so rounds and several hundred stitches earlier, it might be easier to do a better job of the stuffing.

But I had so much time already into the first skull, I was not about to pull the stitches out without knowing if it would help. So I did the only reasonable thing—I started work on a second skull:

I start work on a second crochet skull this time using white yarn
I start work on a second crochet skull

I am not quite to the point that I can begin stuffing and find out if changing the order of operations will put the crochet cart behind the crochet horse, but I am continuing forward, one stitch at a time.