A tale of two crochet skulls

I set out to make one crochet skull, but, as often happens when I set out to accomplish one thing—through assorted twists of fate—I instead accomplish something else; this time the something else is not one, but two crochet skulls.

It started innocently enough. I bought a crochet skeleton pattern, and I was going to dip my toes in it by crocheting just the skull in pink—naming it Yoricka in honor of an even more famous skull from Shakespeare’s inimitable Hamlet–but then I got a little sidetracked.

Stuffing crochet objects is not one of my super powers, and when I got to the part of the pattern where I was supposed to stuff the skull, I was wrestling with it quite a bit, and I thought that it just might be easier if I had started stuffing earlier than the pattern directed.

But rather than frog my way back to where I thought it should have started stuffing, I started on a second one, and as of early this afternoon, I had gotten to round twenty-eight:

Twenty-eight rounds in on the second crochet skull
Twenty-eight rounds in on the second of two crochet skulls

I had identified this round a the point as which I should have begun my stuffing, so I did:

The second of two crochet skulls ready to be stuffed.
Ready for stuffing!

And I stuffed, and I stuffed, and eventually, I got it all done:

The second crochet skull stuffed and ready to become a crochet skeleton
A completed crochet skull

And I thought it looked pretty good for a second (sort of) try.

But I hadn’t yet finished the future Yoricka. I decided not to frog all the way back, and I picked up stuffing the pink skull whee I had left off. As I had with the second one, I stuffed, and I stuffed, and soon, that too was done:

Yoricka, a pink crochet skull, ready to be tricked out.

With two crochet skulls now under my belt, I am beginning to think that I just might be able to get a whole skeleton done!