As the yarn turns

I have a number of crochet projects that I should finish, and today I began work on one with high hopes that it would be done by dinner; but in this episode of “as the yarn turns,” it didn’t quite work out that way.

The piece in question is this psychedelic granny square pandemic purse that I am making. Because it is meant to be easily washed, there is no lining, so truly, all that is left to do is to make and attach the straps.

The body of a future granny square purse

I wasn’t going to go out and buy any handles as it is not a shopping day, so after scouring the internet, I turned to the Drops Design “Carry Me Home” pattern for inspiration, and after looking over the directions—which were elegantly and deceptively simple—I got to work cutting 13-foot lengths of yarn, and soon, I was ready to start twisting the afternoon away:

Eight strands of multiple colors of  yarn, each just a little over 13 feet long
Eight strands of yarn, each just a little over 13 feet long

The directions read as follows:

“Twist them together until they begin to resist,
fold the cord double and it will continue to twist”

Which, it turns out, is not as easy as it sounds.

I did get a good start on the first installment of “as the yarn turns” making sure to keep the eight exceedingly long strands from getting tangled up with each other:

A shot of the rope I am making as the yarn turns
Twisting the yarn into a yarn rope purse strap

but my brain glossed right over the “until they begin to resist” part of the instructions, and soon I had a cord—of sorts—with oddly accumulated twists and turns. While my execution leaves something to be desired, I think the overall effect works well with the future purse:

A psychedelia granny square purse with one of the twisted yarn rope straps almost completed
A psychedelic granny square purse starts to come together

I will be glad when I get this all sorted out and the granny square bag in front of me is more closely aligned with the granny square bag I imagined, but for now I will move forward one twist at a time.