Seven thousand words

If, as some have asserted, a picture is worth a thousand words, then tonight’s blog post should be good for 7,000, not including any commentary I might add.

Today I continued my efforts (slowly but surely) to finish the hunter green bag that I began last Thursday.

The first thing I wanted to get done was to make a modest gusset. I started by turning the bag inside out:

crochet purse inside out
I turned the bag inside out


Then I made a running stitch using a yarn needle and a contrasting color of yarn to mark the lines I would use to guide the placement of the gusset:

guide for stitch placement
A line of contrasting yarn to guide my stitch placement


Next, I pulled the bottom corners of the bag out to form a triangle on either side. Here is one view:

forming a gusset
An overview of the triangles formed


and here is another:

detail of a gusset
And here is a detail


With the lines of demarcation set, I used a 5.5mm hook and more of the hunter green yarn to secure the triangles:

slip stitch into place
Then I used a matching yarn to slip stitch the fold into place


With the gusset in place, I turned my attention to the more decorative elements. Using my pom pom making set, I made a couple of pom poms, only to discover that in order to make an awesome pom pom (instead of simply a sad, misshapen one) it is necessary to try and try and try again.

So I decided to crochet decorative balls instead.

Here is how they looked in a their group photo:

crochet spheres, crochet balls
Three decorative crochet balls


and here is how they looked with their bag-to-be:

crochet purse with crochet spheres
Crocheted balls to decorate the hunter green bag to-be


I don’t know that I am entirely satisfied with the gusset as it is. I may remove it and make it a bit wider before I line the bag, but I know that eventually the doing will trump the undoing, and when all is said and done, I will be glad that I ventured outside my color comfort zone to make this bag.



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