Sooooooo close

For the past week I have thought “Tomorrow I will finish the boho heart mandala,” and yesterday was no exception.

Last night before I went to sleep, I had finished the fifth round of the second stabilizing ring for the boho heart mandala. This morning, when I got up and surveyed what was left to be done, I discovered that I was not as close to finishing the piece as I had imagined.

As can be seen in this photo, the red ring was not as large as was needed to join the third round of boho hearts:

crochet heart crochet mandala
I finish the fifth round of the second red stabilizing ring for the boho heart mandala

This left me with two choices: continue to crochet the red stabilizing ring to accommodate the third round of boho hearts, or reduce the number of hearts in the outer ring.

I was concerned that crocheting a red ring wide enough to accommodate the third round of hearts would overwhelm the finished piece, I tried folding over some of the hearts in the ring to see how it would look if the third round of hearts were smaller.

Here is what I got:

boho crochet hearts crochet mandala
I try reducing the size of the third ring of boho crochet hearts

At this point, I decided to make a pot of coffee to get myself properly caffeinated so that I could resume work on the mandala which now included deconstructing and reconstructing the third ring of hearts.

When I returned, cup of coffee in hand, only to find that my cat Stripes had taken over the mandala:

cat on a crochet mandala
Stripes commandeers the as yet to be completed crochet mandala

Adding “get crazy amounts of cat hair off the mandala” to the list of things to do, once I had reclaimed my work from the cat, I began the business of securing the tops of the hearts of the first and second rings of hearts to the, and as I neared completing work on the second ring of hearts, I decided the tops off the hearts looked to scrunched and flat, so I tried attaching them another way which I liked better, but there was not enough day left to finish.

Here it is in all of it’s to be redone glory:

crochet heart crochet mandala
The boho heart crochet mandala to be an hour or so before sunset

At this point, I am so many hours into this project, a few more won’t make any difference, but I am sure hoping that the next crochet adventure comes with more finishing mojo.

6 thoughts on “Sooooooo close

  1. I feel like Stripes! I’m sure I would have done the same thing! Wonderful piece!

  2. The last photo is looking really good, Leslie. I’ve never doubted the mandala will be another one of your beautiful projects when finished.

  3. The mandala is turning out to be every bit as beautiful as it first appeared. Stripes has an unerring appreciation of fine crAft, particularly in the form of crochet. Both of you are to be commended.

  4. Its really going to be beautiful. I have enjoyed your progress. Every time I get yarn out, my kitty gets on it. lol I see yours is no exception. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve never understood why, but yarn and cats always go together! I have 3 cats, so I certainly understand “get crazy amounts of cat hair off the mandala”! I’m always getting crazy amounts of cat hair off everything I work on! I started using a rolled piece of packing tape to pick it off pieces I’m working on.
    I have no doubt your mandala will turn out beautiful!

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