Putting the error in “trial and error”

This morning marked the end of a very busy twenty-four hour period with a number of odd-hour errands that had to be run in the aftermath of our recent winter weather.

The errands, like the snow on my street, had piled up while I was unable to leave the house to get things done, but as of this morning, they were more or less complete, and with those errands behind me, I returned to the project that has turned into the boho heart mandala, and which is giving me the opportunity to not only learn by trial, but by error as well.

Having secured second round of hearts to what I think of as a “stabilizing ring”:

crochet hearts around a crochet ring
The second round of crochet hearts secured to a red crochet ring

I was ready to move on to what will be the final ring, so I got out my Red Heart Super Saver cherry red, and my trusty 4.5 mm Armour hook and got to work.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I had completed the second round an took this photograph that it was clear that I had made an error with the number of chains for the base, but six rows out it was clergies that the circle that would be too large:

crochet hearts crochet rings
I get a start on the second crochet ring

As soon as I finish this blog post and take care of a couple non-crochet related things that need my attention, I will frog the work I have done so far, and start anew: moving forward one stitch at a time.

7 thoughts on “Putting the error in “trial and error”

  1. lookin good so far! I wondered when I first seen them, but they are really shaping up now. Good job!

  2. Super cool rug! It is going to be so wonderful when you get it done. I had to stop in for a visit and check out all your eye candy.

  3. Leslie, you truly have the patience of a saint!

    Irene, the way I understand it, to frog means to rip out work you did. “Rip it, rip it” sounds like “ribbit, ribbit,” hence the term “frog” was born.

  4. What if you did a specific # of chains between each heart, and sc along the top of the heart, for your base ring? Less guesswork that way 😉

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