The boho heart mandala begins to take shape

Over the past couple of days, the snow and ice have continued to melt, and when I am not trying to get caught up on everything that didn’t get done while the immediate environment outside was like an endless outdoor ice rink, I have been able to make progress on my boho heart mandala.

One thing about trying to create a design of your own is that there is no way to avoid the error part of what is a trial and error process, so after several mistakes and mis-starts, I finally made substantive progress on a round that will go between the first and the second round of hearts.

Here it is encompassing the circle of hearts that will go inside of it:

a crochet ring around a motif of boho crochet hearts
The next round of the boho crochet hearts mandala

and here it is with the ring of hearts that will surround it:

boho crochet hearts arranged in concentric circles with rings of textured crochet to join them
The second structural round of crochet hearts approaches completion

At this point, I need to add at least one more round of half double crochet stitches, and my hope is that when that round is done the red ring will fit perfectly.

If it doesn’t, I have will have to rework the ring, but if it does, I will then be ready to move forward and begin work on the ring that will fill the space between the second and third rounds of hearts:

boho crochet hearts arranged in concentric circles
All three rounds of crochet hearts with the ends woven in

Had I know when I picked up my hook to make my first boho heart that it would lead to this, I don’t know if I would have continued, but at this point, there is no turning back, so I will continue forward as I always do, one stitch at a time.



6 thoughts on “The boho heart mandala begins to take shape

  1. This is absolutely beautiful – I’m enjoying seeing the ongoing progress, and can’t wait to appreciate the final result. Thank you for sharing the adventure!


  2. Its coming along so nicely. The last post was just the little hearts. I couldn’t picture it but I can now! Thanks for sharing. I cant wait to see it finished. Will there be a paid or free pattern?

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