Square 15, square 63, and square 79

I spent much of this weekend engaged in various forms of catching up.

Yesterday, I slept late in an effort to get caught up on sleep, while today, I made a more complete catalog of the squares that I had not yet made for the 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long I am participating in, and then proceeded to complete as many as I could before sunset.

With the days now much longer than they were eight weeks ago, I had more time to work with, and I got three squares done.

First up was square 15 which I made using Red Heart Super Saver coffee, medium purple, and lavender.

Not only was the square a joy to crochet, I managed to catch the light just right, so the photo is a reasonably accurate representation of how the colors look in person:

Square 15 Shades of purple crochet square
Square 15

If you saw my blog post of January 13 of this year, Jean Leinhauser’s square 79 might look more than a little familiar. Here is a photo of one square that was a topic of the post:

Red, pink, and white crochet square
Jan Eaton’s chocolate box square

This Chocolate Box square from Jan Eaton’s book 200 Crochet Blocks, is very similar to square 79.

Next up was square 63. I was particularly intrigued by design at the center of the motif which makes use of treble stitches and judiciously placed chain-2 spaces to create the floral motif at the center of the design:

Square 79 Textured crochet circle
The first two rounds of square 79

Another motif on my to-do list that caught my eye was square 79. Composed of (among other things) two rounds of popcorn stitches, I found the first two rounds to be quite charming:

Square 79 crochet square with a textured circle center
Square 79

and while I moved forward and completed the entire square:

I think the central motif should be explored more thoroughly as a design element in and of itself.

With both the sun and the temperature dropping, I got this one last photo before I went inside to warm-up and get some dinner:

Three crochet squares designed by jean leinhauser
Three new squares

It is going to be a challenge to piece together these disparate squares created over what will be a course of nearly two years when they are done, but it is one I am beginning to look very forward to.

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  1. I can’t decide which one I like the best so I’ll just love them all…Great work with the color choices!

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