Another blue Monday

Today it literally was a blue Monday. Clear skies and (at least for this area) cold, cold temperatures exacerbated by a wind that howled most of the morning.

Even my dog was not enthusiastic about going out, so we stayed inside for most of the day in an effort to avoid to avoid the cold.

One of my main goals for the day (aside from staying warm) was to bring as much order to this pile of renegade squares as was possible in the time allotted:

blue crochet squares
A renegade pile of blue crochet squares

My plan to achieve the goal of increased order and decreased chaos involved this two-by-twelve squares blanket-to-be:

blue crochet squares
I finish the first row and add a second to the Little Boy Blue crochet blanket

I had intended for the blanket to be 11×13 squares, so I either needed to add two squares to make it two-by-thirteen, or I had to remove two squares.

I decided to go with the latter.

Once I had the blanket the correct number of squares wide, I then went about the business of adding more rows. By late afternoon, I finished adding two more rows for a total of four:

blue crochet blanket
Four of thirteen rows completed

As for the renegade pile of blue squares, it was still fairly chaotic, but I had managed to make a dent of twenty squares in it which makes just a little bit more manageable:

blue crochet squares
The renegade pile of blue squares less twenty crochet squares

One thought on “Another blue Monday

  1. Ahh, order from chaos. Looks like you are doing a fine job. Watch those Renegades they can be sneaky little devils…:)

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