Square 26, square 52, square 75 , and square 84

Now that my mother’s cataract surgeries are behind her (with two, very good outcomes), she was able to schedule a much needed out-patient surgery to her hand, and today was the day for the requisite pre-op visit.

One thing I like about these sorts of outings is that once we get there, there is literally nothing else for me to do but wait and crochet.

As my myriad posts about trumpet lessons, choir rehearsals, and assorted appointments for my mom and my son attest, I am no stranger to waiting. But when I went to bed last night and thought about everything I had to do to get ready in the morning, I realized, I had no traveling crochet project that I could easily grab to take with me.

Having just completed my state fair project and the unfelted fat bag, instead of looking forward, I turned my gaze to projects past. After some deliberation, I realized that the most portable project I had readily available was the Jean Leinhauser, 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long I am participating in.

It is, as it turns out, week 93 of the crochet-a-long, and while I had (and still have) no clue as to just exactly how many squares behind I am, I knew that there would be plenty to choose from, so as I headed out the door this morning, I grabbed my copy of 101 Crochet squares, my set of Etimo crochet hooks, and a selection of Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

After parking the car and checking on what the assigned squares were over the past ten weeks, I headed in to the clinic to meet up with my mom, found her and a comfortable chair and set to work.

After surveying my choices, I started with square 75:

Crochet square with a crochet flower center
Square 75

I particularly enjoyed the fluidity of working with a design that made use of the single crochet/chain-1 construction that is the “background” stitch of square 75. From there, I went to square 26:

Square 26 crochet square with a center crochet flower
Square 26

I chose square 26 because I felt the design had elements would lend itself to including one of Red Heart Super’s newest variegated yarns, grape fizz. I liked the technique for starting this motif, and I loved seeing how the colors of the grape fizz pooled. I can say without hesitation: I love grape fizz.

Even though my mom’s pre-op appointment was what they all a “work in,” we were out of there in relatively short order, and it wasn’t until I had gotten myself situated at home that I was able to work on square 84.

Crochet square with concentric crochet squares
Square 84

While I did experience some color hesitations over the course of this motif, I absolutely adore the way the square begins, and it is something I will definitely be using in the future.

Once square 88 was complete, I decided to give square 52 a whirl:

Crochet square with a round center
Square 52

It was in many regards a square that was both simple and satisfying.

Here is how all of the squares looked when assembled for a group photo:

Four crochet squares
Four crochet squares

As much progress as I made on the crochet-a-long today, I am tempted to bring it along when my mother has the actual surgery to see if I can have another four-square day.