Square 37

This week, in an effort to not get any further behind in the crochet-along I am involved in that is working from the late Jean Leinhauser’s collection, 101 Crochet Squares, I made Square 37.

And as I did when I made Square 20 for this same crochet-along, I used it as an opportunity to experiment with three of the colors available in Red Heart Super Saver Chunky yarn. This time I settled on tea green, teal, and coffee.

Using a 5.0 mm hook so that I would end up with a more pliable and fluid square, I began with the tea leaf green:

crochet granny square three rounds
The first three rounds of crochet square 37

Unfortunately, this photo does not do the color justice. It is much less washed-out looking in person than it appears here.

I then used the coffee, which makes the tea leaf “pop” a bit:

crochet square granny square
The first eight rounds of crochet square 37

For the last two rounds of Square 37, I went back to the tea leaf, which to my eye looks a bit retro (in a good way) here:

crochet square crochet granny square
The nine rounds of crochet square 37 sans crochet flower

The final element of this square is a flower that is completed and then appliqued to the finished square. I made the flower with teal:

crochet flower for a crochet square
The flower for the center of square 37

I think the flower element of this design stands on its own and could be used in a variety of ways from decorating hats and bags and scarfs to being used as a simple pin. I also see some potential to make the flowers in a variety of colors and the join them to be used as a decorative scarf/neckpiece, but for the time being, I attached this one to Square 37:

crochet square granny square
Crochet Square 37

Looking at these colors in the photos I took, the combination does not look impressive, but in real life, the tea leaf holds its own, and does not look anemic as it does in the photo. For someone making the Weekend Granny Throw who wants a somewhat more dynamic color combination without going totally over the top, the Red Heart Super Saver colors of tea leaf, coffee, and teal just might fit the bill.

5 thoughts on “Square 37

  1. That square is simply gorgeous. I have to get the book out and work on that one after I finish this sweater. Nice work!

  2. Love your way with colors… what I do not understand is the application of the flower – it so totally obscures the detail of the center square – I find myself wondering why it is added after the fact and not as part of the first rounds… so much I still do not know about this craft that I so love, but following the work of artisans I admire helps me to continue to learn and grow… Thanx for the daily inspiration and the simple Joy of seeing your work.

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