Square 73

Sometime last week after my post about the difficulty I had encountered finding a copy of Jean Leinshauser’s 101 Crochet Squares at a price that I was willing to pay, one of my Ravelry compatriots who keeps abreast of these things was able to direct me to an online seller, Country Yarns, who had a copy at a (to my mind) reasonable price.

To go along with the reasonable price, they also had excellent service, so by Friday afternoon, I had my book in hand and was ready to pour over the 98 squares that I have yet to make in an effort to determine which I would tackle next.

After looking them over thoroughly, I settled on Square 73.

The next quandary I faced was choosing what colors to use. Part of me wanted to go with the bright colors I usually favor, but another part of me wanted to break out a new Lemon color Red Heart Super Saver that I got right after Christmas:

yellow yarns for crochet
Red Heart Super Saver colors top to bottom, Pale Yellow, Lemon, and Bright Yellow

After agonizing over the colors for far too long, I settled on the Lemon for the center, Aran for the petals, and Tea Leaf for the background which I have yet to complete:

crochet flower center
Crochet flower center of crochet square 73

At this point the square is nothing like what I expected it to be, but in this not-yet-finished state, I love the way the petals curve, and curl and have a sense of joy. I also love the texture of the center.

I can hardly wait to finish it.