Square B-3

Today, after getting my son to and from choir practice, I decided to tackle square B-3 which was the last of the B squares I needed to complete before I could move ahead in the alphabet of squares for my current front burner crochet project.  And — much to my surprise —  it turns out, the directions for square b-3 are identical to the directions for square B-1 which made it easier to more forward with this project than I had expected.

Taking advantage of the clear skies, sunshine, moderate temperatures, and the fact that much of the pollen that has fallen washed away from rains earlier in the week, it was the perfect day to crochet en plein air. No pesky questions about how different colors would look next to each other in daylight; no end-of-the-round regrets to pull out and redo.

Here is what I ended up with:

Crochet Square B-3
Crochet Square B-3

While my notion of finishing the afghan this weekend is clearly a fantastic one; it is becoming clear that this project will be finished in fairly short order, and I am starting to wonder what project will be next.

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