Square D-4

There were nine in his bed and the little one said, “Roll over, roll over.” So they all rolled over and then there were eight.

I started Square D-4 by reading the directions, but it was to no avail. As with many of the directions for this afghan, I was referred to other directions, and salient details were omitted; but with only 9 squares between me and the-afghan-that-has-eluded-me becoming reality, I was not about to let that lack of detail get in my way, so I grabbed my trusty 4.5 mm Etimo hook and sat in my crochet chair surrounded by an array of my Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

Eighteen rows by 24 stitches of single crochet later, I ended up with this:

crochet rectangle for a crochet blanket
Crochet Square D-4

One thing I did that makes my square look quite a bit different from the square that is pictured in Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting & Knitting, is that I followed the directions about how to add the design. I did cross-stitch.

The square pictured in the book used a method much more like Todd Pascal’s Crochet by Numbers.

As for me, here is how I got this Square done:

Chain 25,

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch to the end (24 sc). Ch 1 and turn.

Row 2: sc in first st and in each st to the end (24 sc). Ch 1 and turn.

Rows 3-18: repeat row 2. Fasten off.

Border: Beginning in any corner work *(3dc, ch3, 3dc) then, if you are working along a short side, evenly space 4 groups of 3dc (if you are working along a longer side, evenly space 9 groups of 3dc), repeat from * 3 times more. Join with sl st to first dc made. Fasten off.

At this point, I am not entirely satisfied with the cross stitching I did, and I may take it out and try a tambour crochet, or I may just add to it so there is not such a huge expanse of uninterrupted yellow. In any event, I am counting this square as done.