Square D-5 Redux

At long last, I finished Square D-5, but due to technical difficulties, I have been unable to upload a picture.

For some reason the process I have been following for the previous 49 days did not work yesterday, not even after my husband attempted to wrestle with the problem. Maybe, when I figure out how to do it, I can post a video of the pictures I took on my phone.

Back to the mysterious star of this blog entry, Square D-5. As my regular readers know, this square has not come easily.

I made numerous mistakes; I had to take them out.

There were 5 bazillion ends to weave in; I wove them in.

I took two pictures (one with the border, one without); they remain hidden from blog view as a result of processes I don’t understand.

But Square D-5 is done in all of it’s Red Heart Super Saver blue/springgreen/brightyellow/shockingpink/lilac/delftblue glory.

The center of the square makes use of a technique known as jacquard or tapestry crochet. One of the better known practitioners (and advocates) of tapestry crochet is the inimitable Carol Ventura who’s blog with all kinds of information can be found here.

This is the point in the blog where I was going to post a picture of the square without a border.

Because the center is made using tapestry crochet techniques, there is a lot of weaving in of ends which cannot be done in a hurry, but once you get beyond the center element, the square goes very quickly.

The border for this square was made by making the first round double crochet, the second round, half-double crochet, and the third round was done in double crochet.

Here is where I had planned to post a picture of Square D-5 with a border.

So, technical difficulties or not, life moves on. Squares are finished (or not), pictures upload (or not); the arc of life moves inexorably forward.