Square H-1

Today was filled with meetings, appointments, and other errands, so I was very much hoping that Square H-1 would not present the same challenges that E-6 had as I did not have the same amount of time to sort through it.

With my 4.5mm Etimo hook and my trusty stash of Red Heart yarn, I began by looking for the directions. At first, I missed them completely and thought for a long moment that there were no directions for le carré du jour, but after taking a measured breath and looking over the pattern more carefully, I found the directions at the bottom of page 91 in the column on the far left.

As with everything crochet, it starts with a chain, and except for two small errors, the directions for Square H-1 were correct and straightforward.

The only difficulties I encountered in the directions were for Round 3 that instructed the crocheter to “Attach green to back loop of sc in any petal….” It took my not-sufficiently-caffeinated brain a few moments to sort through the rest of the directions and figure out that it what I needed to do was “Attach green loop to back loop of dc in any petal….” Also the loop where the yarn needed to be attached was not the back loop, but could be better described as the ridge behind the stitch in question.

Other than these two small items that pertain to the 3rd round, today’s square was relatively easy to complete, and here is the result.

multicolor crochet granny square crochet square
Crochet Square H-1

So far the 5 squares I have completed look as though they will fit together well. My hope for tomorrow is that I finish the square F-2 and join the central six squares of the afghan.

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