I start work on another munchkin crochet hat

The past couple of days I have been busy with non-crochet projects so today when I once again picked up my hook and examined the work I had done on the first of two munchkin crochet hats I want to make, I took a moment to check my work.

I carefully counted the number of stitches on the last round I had crocheted, and then I just as carefully counted the number of rows. I consulted the pattern and was surprised to find that things were not adding up as they should.

They weren’t even close.

A cursory review of the pattern left me puzzled, so I decided that a less cursory review was in order.

I took the time needed to read over the pattern in a more deliberate fashion and realized that from the 23rd row forward, I had not been working the increases as I should, so I frogged the eight or so offending rounds in order to get back on track, and the proceeded to do just that.

That is, until it was time for me to set out on some early afternoon errands.

By the time I got home, I wanted nothing more than to do some smooth sailing crochet. Something without errors in it, something without so many ends, something that would leave me with a greater sense of accomplishment.

So I decided to start on the second munchkin crochet hat and work on the hats in tandem — and while I like the colors and color progression I am using in the first hat — I wanted something with fewer ends to weave in, so I decided on an orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream palette.

With color scheme determined, I dove into my stash and found a skein of Red Heart Classic sea coral and a skein of Red Heart Super saver aran, the two of which together looked perfect to my eye:

munchkin crochet hat yarn
Orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream colors for crochet

In almost no time, I had made substantive progress without the making the same mistake I had made with the first munchkin crochet hat:

munchkin crochet hats
Two future munchkin crochet hats

Tomorrow’s outlook is for sunshine, clear skies, and fewer errands, and I intend to put that trifecta to good use and move forward the only way possible: one stitch at a time.