One munchkin crochet hat done, one to go

Yesterday what crochet I got done centered on the second of two munchkin crochet hats that I am working on.

Seduced by the reality of only four ends to weave in for the entire project, I temporarily abandoned the lovely — but more complicated light gray with pastel rainbow progression — munchkin crochet hat and focused my efforts on finishing the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream inspired hat that I had begun work on just the day before

Working in Red Heart Classic sea coral and Red Heart Super Saver aran, I worked one round and then another, and I almost got it done, but come sunset, there was still a bit to be done, so this morning I finished the rounds that remained, wove in the ends and voila — the orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream inspired at was all done but the blocking:

munchkin crochet hat
An orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream inspired munchkin crochet hat

With that hat done and looking so cute, I was inspired to once again pick up the first munchkin hat, but was immediately confronted with all of the ends I had not yet woven in.

I don’t remember what mental gymnastics I performed to persuade myself that leaving all of these ends undone was a good idea, but as I worked to turn the narrow end of this hat inside out without disturbing the work I had already done

munchkin crochet hat
The pastel rainbow and gray munchkin crochet hat

I realized that if a person got it in her head (as I did) that the only viable color scheme was one that involved several dozen color changes over a short bit of crochet, she would be well advised to crochet with the right side in so that the ends would all be on the outside.

This would serve two purposes: one, the ends would be readily available for weaving in, and two, if you are the sort of person who likes to leave weaving in of ends until the last possible moment so that you can more easily frog your work should you make a mistake, the last possible moment would be much later.

Once I got the hat turned the way I needed it, my dog indicated to me that the time for a walk was “now” rather than later, and so the efficacy of my epiphany about working with the outside in will not be tested until tomorrow, when I once again ply my craft one stitch at a time.