Two munchkin crochet hats ready for adventure

One of my overriding goals this weekend was to finish the two munchkin crochet hats I am making for the new cousins of a high school friend.

I know from my own experience that children grow up way too fast, and I wanted to get them done and in the mail before the intended recipients out grew them.

Hopefully, I have met this goal.

Yesterday, I finished work the the crochet part of the endeavor, working one round of half double crochet stitches after another until the hat was done.

My Sunday started (as can be seen in this photo) with more than a few ends to be woven in:

The second munchkin crochet hat this morning with a few ends to be woven in

Using one of my beloved bent-tipped yarn needles and all the weaving in of ends zen I could muster, I got to work.

Every time a moment presented itself, I wove in a few ends here and a few ends there. Eventually, I was able to sit down and work uninterrupted, and in relatively short order all the ends were woven in.

Every single one.

Next, I got out my scissors and began to trim the ends. I find that this step is one that requires an extreme amount of patience as it is possible to inadvertently snip not just an end in need of trimming, but a stitch that is integral to the finished project.

So, working carefully and with deliberation, I trimmed the many ends I had woven in:

munchkin crochet hat with ends woven in
The second munchkin crochet hat with the ends woven in and ready to be turned right side out

and then all that was left to do was to turn it right side out.

This proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated, but luckily for me, it was a challenge that my youngest son was up to, and he did it with greater patience and less exasperation than I had brought to this step of the project.

And then they were done:

munchkin crochet hats for munchkins
Two munchkin crochet hats ready for munchkins

Tomorrow I will get these packed up and on their way so that their adventure will begin, and I will look around my various crochet holdings to find my next crochet adventure.

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