Which WIP?

With the two munchkin crochet hats now consigned to crochet history, I found myself at a crossroads and asking the question that I often ask when faced with this situation: which WIP (work in progress) now?

After looking over the available WIPs piled on my dining table turned crochet universe nerve center, I settled on a brightly colored one that was on top and had all of the pieces in together in a bag.

The project? An unfinished granny square flat bag I had begun this past fall with high hopes and a vague sense of how I thought it would look when it was done, but no specific plan about how to reach the finish:

granny square crochet purse
The crochet pieces of a nearly complete granny square purse

In the interim, more ideas have come to me about the bag. For example, just laughs night I decided it one more length of crochet to complete the strap, but today, I decided to focus my crafting energy on getting the zipper done, so I got out my hooks, yarn that matched the edges to which it would be joined to, and got to work.

Using a 5.5 mm hook and a length of the sangria colorway, in short order I had one side of the zipper attached:

granny square crochet purse
A granny square purse with one side of the zipper attached

Then using the same hook and a length of bright orchid, I turned it over and joined the other side of the zipper to the bag:

granny square crochet purse
The granny square purse with both sides of the zipper attached

I was reasonably pleased with the result, but the method I used did not address the best way to tack down the ends of the zipper, and I did not think about it until I had already had it crocheted into place and there were annoying little ends flapping about.

So now while I muse about how I will finish the straps, I can spend some time contemplating the best way to deal with the ends of the zipper.