A subtle zigzag crochet cord

Of late, I have been busy with a non-crochet project that cuts into my time for crochet, but I do my best not to let it stop me completely, and today, after I had finished with the tedium of my non-crochet project, I got out a 4.0 mm hook and experimented with a crochet cord that I had seen in a crochet video when I fell in to Youtube the other day and almost found myself unable to get out.

Unwilling to risk falling into Youtube yet again, I worked from memory and started with a foundation chain as long as the Romanian point lace i-cord I had already crocheted for the Sangria granny square bag:

Romanian point lace crochet cord
A Romanian point lace i cord

and working through the back ridge loop, I made a single crochet cord approximately 44″ in length.

I then switched to a smaller hook which I used to make a (chain 1, slip stitch) into each stitch of the single crochet cord which resulted in a nicely textured edge as seen below:

Working a subtle zigzag onto a length of single crochet
Working a subtle zigzag onto a length of single crochet

It also resulted in a bit of a “curl” on the side where the (chain 1, slip stitch) had yet to be worked so when I reached the end of the single crochet cord:

decorative crochet cord
One side of the crochet cord is zigged and zagged

I turned it 90º and worked the (chain 1 slip stitch) across the end, turned the single crochet cord still another 90º, which then allowed me to work the (chain 1, slip stitch) zigzag across the other side of the cord and resulted in the previously curling cord straightening out:

decorative crochet cord
The curling crochet cord unfurls

And as can be seen in this detail the zigzag is a subtle but effective design element:

decorative crochet cord
Detail of a cord with zigzag edge

I still haven’t figured out how I am going to attach these cords nor do I know when I will have amassed a sufficient quantity to feel that the sangria crochet purse is done, but until then, I will move forward at the only pace possible: one stitch at a time.