Waiting for crochet inspiration

My current front burner project is finishing this future granny square purse that I began in the middle of October:

granny square crochet purse
The granny square purse with both sides of the zipper attached

Obviously, it is not going quickly, but this weekend, I finally seemed to have gotten some forward momentum that I hope will propel me to a bag ready for adventure.

First, I finished crocheting the textured strap I had begun work earlier in the week, and while there are a couple of ends to weave in, the crocheting itself is done:

textured crochet strap
A textured crochet strap for a crochet purse

Not sure exactly what I would do with the strap or how I would incorporate it with the other cords I had made, I then turned my attention to two of the ends of the zipper that had bedeviled me.

While the method I had used for joining the zipper had gone swimmingly, I had made no provision for what to do with the ends of the zipper, two of which were causing an awkwardness with zipping and unzipping.

Uncertain what to do, I decided I would try sewing them together.

Which I did.

It helped a lot, but did not completely ameliorate the zipping and unzipping situation, but buoyed by the success that there was, I decided to just keep sewing, and I tacked the ends of the zipper down to both the crochet part of the bag and the lining, and while the look is not gorgeous, it did fix the problem:

Zipper flaps sewn into place
Zipper flaps sewn into place

The sewing had also given me time to ruminate on finishing the bag, and that rumination led me to get out a 4.0 mm hook and crochet a simple 5-petal flower, which then led to this:

Sixteen crochet flowers
Sixteen crochet flowers

Sixteen five-petal crochet flowers later, I was ready to lay down my hook.

I don’t know exactly how I will put together all of the elements I have crocheted so far into a cohesive whole, but I’m sure that if I just keep crocheting, something will come to me.