Stash down 2014: Endings and beginnings

Today, I finished joining the seams on the blue suede and grape fizz seafarer’s caps I had been working on which left me ready for what ended up being two new beginnings:

two crochet hats crochet caps
Two crochet seafarer’s caps, ready to wear

I had been putting it off because while I knew I had discovered an “easier” way to join the seam, I could not recall specifically what it was.

Then, while doing some electronic housekeeping, I came across this video that I made eleven months ago:

I realized that I had changed the pattern a smidge making sure to begin the joining after completing an even-numbered row of half-double crochet stitches that was divisible by four (in this case, 52) and working the joining seam from the top of the hat to the bottom.

Delighted that I had stumbled up on my discovery from last year, I lost no time in starting not one, but two new hats:

The beginnings of two more seafarer's crochet caps
The beginnings of two more seafarer’s crochet caps

I still want to trick out the grape fizz rendition of this hat to more accurately reflect the joy of both the project and the color of the yarn, but in the meantime, I will work toward making enough hats for my cousins, Robert and David, and their housemates so that warmer (rather than cooler) heads can prevail.

One thought on “Stash down 2014: Endings and beginnings

  1. I love making hats! As a matter of fact, I’m in the midst of a hat craze right now. They’re quick and, for the most part, easy. Almost everyone loves them. Great stash busters too. Mittens, gloves, wristlets, smaller cowls, even narrow scarves can use up so much of that leftover yarn.
    And I’ve found that I can step out of my rigid matchy-matchy box and create those accessories with yarns that aren’t the exact same color, but they “coordinate” with one another! It’s the season for change!

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