Stash down 2014: I start work on a rainbow bridge comfort shawl

One of the things that is nice about living long enough to be middle-aged is that many of the things that seemed so important when you were younger begin to fall away, and you are left with only the things that are truly important.

And often, our four-legged friends assume a more prominent place in our lives, helping us in all of our activities of daily living, including crochet.

Early this past Monday, the dog of a dear friend of mine crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, leaving my friend to navigate the grief of losing a dear pet.

Meanwhile, the family cat of another friend was run over by a car.

I don’t know exactly how my friends felt, but the losses left me numb, and I decided that I wanted to create something designed to help a person grieve the loss of a pet, and that is how I came up with the idea of what I call “The Rainbow Bridge comfort shawl.”

Using a 5.5 mm hook, a skein of Red Heart Super Saver paddy green, and two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver light periwinkle that were in my stash, I started on the base of the shawl that would form the crochet canvas for additional appliqué elements.

Here is how far I got with it as of last night:

comfort crochet shawl
I get a start on a rainbow bridge comfort shawl

By late this morning, I had finished the basic shawl and was ready to move onto the next elements.

Using a 5.0 mm hook and various partial skeins of yarn that I have in my stash, I crocheted a sun and a rainbow:

crochet sun crochet rainbow
A rainbow for a rainbow bridge comfort shawl

Here is how those elements looked on the shawl before having ends woven in and being properly secured:

I place the pieces of the rainbow bridge comfort shawl to-be
I place the pieces of the rainbow bridge comfort shawl to-be

In addition to weaving in the ends and appliquéing the elements I have completed so far, I still have some work to do to fashion a basic cat and a basic dog that can be modified as needed, but I also think that a comfort shawl for those of us left behind when a dear pet departs this sphere is long overdue.

8 thoughts on “Stash down 2014: I start work on a rainbow bridge comfort shawl

  1. WOW….stunning. What a way to honor a Furbaby’s memory. I agree with Andrea, I hope you will publish a pattern.

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I’ve lost a great many of my kitty companions due to old-age related illness over the past few years, and to have a friend recognize the importance, the heartbreak of such a loss would be a wonderful thing especially in the personalized manner in which you have chosen. You are wonderful! Many people, especially those without pets just don’t get it. Your friends are blessed to have you.

  3. What a lovely way to say what words cannot. I also hope you all publish the pattern. Your ingenuity and creativity are topped only by the love and kindness in your heart.

  4. Awesome idea and a fitting way to show the owner you care and for them to snuggle in when they are thinking of their lost love one. Love this!!

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