Stash down 2014: Is it really Tuesday already?

To some degree — although it is five weeks after the fact — I am still suffering from the aftermath of my state fair project, and when I saw that today was Tuesday, I wondered at how quickly the week was going by.

There are a lot to things in my life that can’t happen between August 1, and the deadline for the state fair project, so a lot of obligations I would normally attend to get pushed off to that time of year known as “after the state fair.”

Today some of the things I had put off resumed their regular schedule, and I had a number of errands to run (some remedial, some not), and I found that most of the day slipped away from me before I had a chance to sit down and crochet even one stitch.

But be that as it may, I did eventually sit down and managed a few stitches finishing a few rows of the peach-colored seafarer’s cap I began last week:

ribbed stitch crochet hat
A peachy seafarer’s crochet cap to-be

Along with even more stitches added to the spa blue cap:

ribbed stitch crochet cap
A spa blue seafarer’s crochet cap begins to take shape

Wanting to get a sense of my progress toward the overall project of making hats for my cousins and the people who live in the board and care where they reside, I took this group photo of all of the hats I have made so far:

four crochet hats
Four seafarer’s crochet caps ready to wear

The grape fizz and peach-colored hats will probably not find a home at the board and care, so tomorrow — a day that is, as yet, errand free — I hope to finish work on the spa blue hat and find another color in my stash that will be just the thing.