Stash down 2014: the saga of the seafarer’s caps continues

This afternoon reached a high 55º F which felt positively balmy after the last couple of mornings which have featured below freezing temperatures, and while we in North Carolina’s Piedmont are not experiencing a Snowmaggedon event like the one that has left Buffalo, New York, under several feet of snow, it is becoming increasingly clear that winter is on the way.

With shorter days and colder temperatures, my 2014 stash down project of making crochet seafarer’s caps is a timely one, but until early this evening, I had no idea how may caps would be needed.

I had asked my mom how many hats I should have ready for the Christmas celebration we will have with my cousins, and today she got me a definitive number, and that number is ten.

Lucky for me, I had spent part of yesterday working on the spa blue seafarer’s cap, and today I crocheted up the seam, gathered the top, and wove in the ends:

spa blue crochet cap
A spa blue seafarer’s crochet cap

Which brought my grand total of completed caps to four:

Four of ten crochet seafarer's caps all in a row
Four of ten crochet seafarer’s caps all in a row

Fortunately for me, I had already gotten a start on a fifth one in Red Heart Super Saver tealeaf which I will add to the Christmas party crochet hat collection when it is done, and I continued to make progress on the light coral hat as well which will not be part of the collection, but which I made because it is a color I like:

Two seafarer's crochet caps in medias res
Two seafarer’s crochet caps in medias res

Meanwhile, as I work on the crochet caps, I will take some time to go through my stash and find other colors that will work so that all ten caps will be as individual as the recipients.


One thought on “Stash down 2014: the saga of the seafarer’s caps continues

  1. Your seafarer’s caps really look so nice! You have made a good color choice.
    I recently made two in red and for some reason I cannot make good pictures of them because of the color.
    I wish you succes with the remaining six caps.

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