Stash Down 2015: a nearly full sheet of crochet cookies

The past two days I was hard at work trying to complete all of the pieces for the cookie-sheet gray cookie baby blanket, and I almost made it.


I completed work on all thirty-five of the plain squares that give the blanket the full sheet of crochet cookies look (including weaving in the end at the center of each square and preparing the long tails for joining):

gray crochet squares
Thirty-five cookie-sheet gray squares in the late afternoon light

With the gray squares done, I turned my attention to the cookies, and I came very near to finishing them, but one of the peppermint swirl cookies was not quite as large as the others, so I made another, and once I had all of the ends woven in on the completed cookies, there was no time left to crochet the last chocolate chip cookie or the last peppermint swirl cookie or to finish the face of the three lemon shortbread cookies that needed to be finished.

Despite that, I laid out the cookies and got this group photo:

A full sheet of crochet cookies blanket
A full sheet of crochet cookies blanket

There is still a fair amount of work yet to be done to transform these pieces into a baby blanket, but I am getting closer to finishing it, one stitch at a time.