Stash Down 2015: the halfway point

This past weekend I again focused my efforts on the cookie-sheet gray cookie baby blanket that has captured my attention most of the month, and was surprised to find that I had reached the halfway point in this year’s stash down.

To that end, I crocheted all but three of the bases of the cookies I will need for the project:

The cookie bar graph as of November 15, 2015, aka the halfway point
The cookie bar graph as of November 15, 2015, aka the halfway point

as well as five more plain gray squares:

gray crochet squares
Twenty-five gray squares

One revision I made over the weekend was to the swirl cookies.

Initially I had thought I would make three each of the chocolate and three peppermint, but this past Thursday, when I saw them laid out with the gray, I decided (and commenting readers agreed) that the project really needed all of the swirl cookies to be peppermint.

So I set aside the chocolate swirls for another day and made more of the peppermint. Then, shortly before sunset, I laid out my new mix of cookies on the gray squares that I had finished, and got this group photo:

crochet cookie squares and crochet squares
Group photo

To my delight, removing the chocolate swirl from this particular blanket turned out to be the right thing to do.

And with all of the cookie decisions made, now all that is left is to crochet ten more plain gray squares and start weaving in the ends of the cookies so that I can put this baby blanket to bed.