Stash down 2015: Day 12

Today was the sort of day that I am reminded that my house is located in the middle of a deciduous forest.

Eager to make progress on my baby cookie blanket, I got up early enough to finish with my household chores before I ran some equally necessary errands. Included in those household chores was the following: sweep the back deck.

In my vision of how the day would play out, I would sit out on my deck enjoying what is probably one of the few remaining days of the year where I will not need a parka and a campfire in order to sit comfortably and work on my crochet, and then I would walk the dog, run some late afternoon errands, and call it a day.

In an effort to make that fantasy a reality, I literally swept the deck; however, by the time I got home from running errands, it was once again littered with leaves. Not to be deterred, I swept myself a spot large enough for me to set up my crochet camp, and got to work.

I focused on two things.

Weaving in the ends of the completed cookies:

A window sill of cookies with the ends woven in on day 12 of the stash down
A window sill of cookies with the ends woven in on day 12 of the stash down

and making more of the plain squares that will comprise 35/83rds of the total blanket:

twenty crochet granny squares
Twenty of 35 gray squares

Satisfied that I was making progress on both fronts, I decided to see how the blanket would look with the available cookies:

 crochet squares with crochet cookies
Twenty squares with cookies interspersed

At this point, I’m not entirely certain what I think.

The gray is looking very gray to me, I’m wondering if I should make all of the swirl cookies red and aran rather than mixing in the coffee and aran, and I still need to write directions for the lemon shortbread and chocolate chip crochet cookies, but all in all, I have made good progress, and it looks like I might get this done before Thanksgiving, despite myself.

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5 thoughts on “Stash down 2015: Day 12

  1. The gray looks like a cookie sheet to me, most appropriate, I think! My Mom had an old very textured one, so I most heartily approve! So very retro and full of good cookie feelings!

  2. I think I’m in agreement with you about leaving the coffee color off the swirl cookies. I have two reasons for thinking this way. One is that you are already using some brown tones on other cookies. My other reason is that it is a baby blanket & I think the red is more stimulating to babies. I love your concept for this blanket! It’s going to be such a delight for any baby who is lucky enough to receive it.

  3. If we are voting, I also prefer the red and aran to the coffee and aran swirl cookie. And, I’m loving the gray cookie sheet with these cookies. This creates a brand new cookie-ghan using the familiar cookies.

  4. I’m adding my “vote” for the red swirl, too! The coffee color fades into the background, whereas the red “pops”!

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