Stash Down 2015: the cookies accrue

The past two days as I have worked on crocheting down my stash and writing the pattern as I go, nature has showcased the wide range of weather options available in the Piedmont of North Carolina during the fall, and as I work stitch by stitch, the cookies accrue one by one.

Yesterday featured rain and cooler temperatures (a high of 55ºF and a low of 46ºF) so I took advantage of the quiet that seems to come with the rain and pulled up a chair to a nearby window to make use of the available cloud-covered daylight to work on the cookie-sheet gray baby blanket that is my front burner project.

I need a total of 48 cookies, and I made good progress toward that goal:

Crochet cookies accrue on a window sill
Crochet cookies accrue on a window sill

Today, I resumed my efforts, but by afternoon, the previous day’s clouds had dispersed, and we were left with blue skies, sunshine, and a high temperature just under 70ºF:

crochet cookie bar graph
Cookie bar graph as of November 10, 2015

I have now completed 35 of the 48 cookies I will need, and I have written directions for six of the eight cookies as well as the “blank” square that is used to create some visual rest for the eyes and set off the individual cookies. And while I am not getting either my crochet or my pattern writing done at the pace I had wanted to, I am moving forward, and in short order, my hope is that babies everywhere will have cookie blankets to call their own.

One thought on “Stash Down 2015: the cookies accrue

  1. I live on the coast of NC. Oak Island. The weather gets crazy this time of year. Besides my shoulder hurting my crochet mojo got lost in all the rain. But I have found lots of cool patterns like your cookie blanket. about 80% of my crochet is for charity. Good luck.

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