Stash down 2015: Day 24

I am twenty-for days into my annual stash down and have yet to complete a project, but since crochet is a journey (not a race) the more important question is this:

Have I made progress?

and I’m happy to report that the answer is yes.

Today was a particularly challenging day for me and most of my family.

Pretty much all of us had things that positively had to be done today, and while necessary, most of them were not exactly fun. But we all plowed forward on our journeys, and as I had carefully prepared the night before, I had plenty of crochet to keep me busy while I waited in between errands.

Last night, I got almost all of seaming of the first five strips of the cookie baby blanket done:

joining crochet squares for a crochet blanket
The first five rows

And today as I traversed the length and breadth of Durham and Wake counties, I managed to piece together three more rows:

joining crochet squares for a crochet blanket
Eight of thirteen rows

The thing about life is that not only are our options often limited by circumstances beyond our control, but when push comes to shove, we often must choose one thing over another.

As for me, whenever I can, I choose crochet.

2 thoughts on “Stash down 2015: Day 24

  1. I love that concept of choosing crochet whenever you can. I try to live that too.

    Those cookies are so much fun! I especially like the lemon iced ones, but I am partial to textured stitches. I’m looking forward to seeing your pattern.

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