Stash down 2015: A very nearly completed cookie baby blanket

Today, when I was not celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, I spent what time I had for crochet on the cookie-sheet gray cookie baby blanket that has eaten most of the month of November.

I had thought that because this was my second effort with this design that it would go more quickly than the first.

I was wrong.

Because I was determined to write the pattern this time around, and because I tried to be meticulous about documenting the parts of the pattern that are relatively easy to do, but very wordy to explain, it has taken me quite a bit longer.

But eventually, no matter how slow or how fast we work, many projects get finished despite us, and today, I came very, very close to completing this project.

Here is how it looked shortly before sunset:

nearly completed crochet cookie baby blanket
An almost completed cookie baby blanket

There are still a few ends to be woven in, a border to be crocheted, and, as my cat has been watching over this project as only a cat can, a thorough blocking to be done, but of the many things for which I can be thankful for this year, finishing (and documenting) this project is definitely on the list.

3 thoughts on “Stash down 2015: A very nearly completed cookie baby blanket

  1. This is my favorite cookie blanket so far! I also love the extra-large picture files so I can truly study the stitching detail!

  2. Love your cookie blanket! It looks like it was truly a labor of love — especially with all those ends to weave under.

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