Stash down 2015: Day 29

When November began, I imagined the expanse of time ahead of me as something approaching endless. I had thought that I would get at least a half dozen patterns written, organize my office, and complete a thorough (and much needed) destash.

Alas this November was (like all of the other months that preceded it) far too short.

I did, however, work only from my stash.

I got a post-weaving in ends photo this morning:

crochet cookie baby blanket
A baby blanket in need of a border (and blocking)

Then moved onto completing the border:

crochet cookie crochet blanket with crochet border
The blanket ready to be blocked

and finally, after allowing it to soak in soapy water while my mother and I went to visit my cousin, I rolled the blanket between towels to wring out the water, and 15 minutes and five towels later it was ready to be photograph:

crochet cookie crochet baby blanket
A cookie baby blanket, blocked and ready to to go

This November, I was not the efficient crochet pattern writing machine I had hoped to be; instead, I was my ordinary, human self.

And while I still have several hours of work left to finish the pattern, the blanket is done, and I am ready to travel wherever my next crochet adventure takes me.

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