Stash down challenge 2011: Day 19

The month of November is flying by, and tomorrow I will be down to the last 10 days of my 2011 stash down challenge.

In the meantime, I spent my crochet day working on two of the projects that are in medias res.

First up was the last remaining piece I needed to finish before I could begin the process of assembly for the basket of flowers project — the second strap. As I neared completion of this piece, I lined up the two straps to make certain they had the same number of rows.

Once the second strap was completed, I wound them into circles and got this photo:

crochet straps
Two crochet straps for my crochet basket of flowers

The other project I worked on was the sushi scarf. I had just completed the second bit of avocado, and was ready to move on to 36 inches of rice. I managed to finish 33 inches of the rice before I ran out of rice yarn:

sushi crochet scarf
The long view of my sushi crochet scarf

sushi crochet scarf
An overview of my sushi crochet scarf

A final view of the sushi roll crochet scarf I am making for my stash down challenge 2011 day 19
A final view of the sushi roll crochet scarf I am making for my stash down challenge 2011 day 19

If, when I sort through my yarn stash tomorrow, I am able to find a white yarn that matches the yarn that I used for the rice, I will add another three inches. If not, I will move onto the black yarn, crochet the last block color block, weave in the ends, and call it done.

Now that the number of days left in November has grown so short, I need to think about how I will finish the many projects I have begun and what I will do with the stash that remains when the last day of November has passed and the first day of December arrives.

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  1. Worked my fingers long and hard but in the end I had more frogged than completed and 3 projects decided they wanted to be other than what I had intended… Lesson learned: Listen to the fiber and allow its voice to be heard! (and in so doing I NOW have a project that is nearing completion!!! A scarf ‘of sorts’) Looking forward to seeing your completed bag…

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