Stash down challenge 2011: Day 20

Today, after what has felt like a lengthy dry spell, I finished a project.

My first order of crochet business this morning was to see if there was additional white acrylic yarn in the stash I acquired that could be used to add to the “rice” portion of the sushi roll scarf I have been working on.

To my delight, I found this:

vintage acrylic yarn
I find more white acrylic yarn from my recent stash acquisition

While it was not a perfect match (it was a bit thicker as well as a bit less gray), it was perfect enough, and I used it to crochet the last five rows before I switched to this black acrylic yarn that I used for the final block of color:

black vintage yarn
Some vintage 4-ply acrylic yarn from Caron Yarn

There were several things I found appealing about this yarn, not the least of which was that it is described as “care-free:”

yarn label
A close-up of the label of the vintage yarn

as well as this delightful logo, which, if you look at it long enough in just the right light, appears to be moving:

Caron yarn hypnotic logo
The mezmerizingly hypnotic logo for Caron Yarn

As can be seen from the label, this is a Caron Yarn product that dates from a time when Caron Yarn was headquartered in Rochelle, Illinois.

Located eighty miles west of Chicago, the motto of the City is “Rochelle means business.” No doubt, the Rochelle Railroad Park which documents that history of the railroads in the development of Rochelle, is a clue as to why Caron Yarns was, for at least a time, located in this midwestern city.

Using these two yarns that were in the stash acquisition, I finished my first ever sushi roll scarf. Here is one view:

sushi crochet scarf
One view of the length of my sushi crochet scarf

and another:

sushi crochet scarf
Another view of the length of my sushi crochet scarf

and still another:

sushi crochet scarf
An overview of the sushi crochet scarf unfurled

Here is a view from the top after I had it all rolled up:

sushi crochet scarf
A view from the top of the sushi scar all rolled up

and here is a view from the side that highlights the “sushi” characteristics of the scarf:

sushi crochet scarf
A side view of my completed sushi roll crochet scarf

I really enjoyed making this scarf. The use of simple double crochet stitches made it an easy project, the varying lengths of the blocks of color made it visually interesting, and the atypical presentation (at least for a scarf), left me with a new way to think about my crochet work, and another aspect to consider when designing a piece.

I also think the project is well suited to the scrap aesthetic allowing the maker to create something that elevates the scraps from simple leftovers to an intriguing and coherent whole.

While I tried to come reasonably close to the colors as described in the original design in this iteration of the project, there were a number of creative possibilities left to explore in future renditions of this project.

Many thanks to the crafter known as Mermaiden for a delightful project that opens a world of crochet opportunities.

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  1. I always admire a crocheter that can come up with unique ideas and this is definitely unique! Wonderful job!

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