Stash down challenge 2011: Day 2

As I entered day two of what has become Stash down challenge 2011, I found that having both a mission and purpose for this yarn made it easier to more forward.

While I spent much of the morning attending to what could most charitably be described as remedial housework, by early afternoon, it was warm enough that I was able to sit outside and crochet.

The first order of business was continuing work on the scarf seen here:

crochet lace scarf
The long view of the hot red Queen Anne’s Lace crochet scarf

detail crochet lace scarf
Detail of a red hot Queen Anne’s lace crochet scarf

Using the instructions found on this page, I continued adding motifs:

red hot crochet lace scarf
The Queen Anne’s lace crochet scarf encircling the yarn it is made of

As lovely as this scarf is, it does require that you pay particular attention to making the needed turns at the correct moment.

Several times today I looked back at my work only to find that I had missed making a turn, and I had to unravel the scarf to the point where the error had been made.

I am happy with today’s progress, but my user errors slowed me down some, and the scarf will not be finished until I reach the end of this skein.

Still, with only 28 days left to the month of November, I don’t have time to fret, and the three yarns I am considering for what comes next are as follows:

First is this vintage acrylic from Sayelle in a colorway called “red devil”:

vintage acrylic yarn
Worsted weight acrylic for Future Girl’s Starling crochet handbag

I have it in mind to make my first ever Starling handbag, a design by the blogger/crafter known as futuregirl. This project is number 77 on my crochet bucket list, and this blog post details the particulars of this amazing bag.

Another yarn that got my attention is the Blues colorway of this vintage CaronĀ® dazzle aire:

dazzle aire vintage yarn
Vintage dazzle aire for a crococile stitch shawl

I think the variegation could result in an interesting (in a good way) effect with Lianka Azulay’s crocodile stitch shawl:

Lianka Azulay’s crocodile stitch shawl

the pattern for which can be purchased at her etsy shop.

The third option I am considering for the on-deck spot of my crochet line-up is this scarf:

Bucket List Scarf

This project is number 99 on my bucket list. Composed of chains and single crochet stitches, I think that using this black and white yarn:

vintage acrylic yarn
Black and white vintage acrylic yarns for a scarf

could result in something that will make a good Christmas present for a particular someone.

I don’t know which project I will start next, but I am beginning to see that even with “limited options,” my options are unlimited.

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  1. I’m so glad you were able to snag this stash, because it’s great fun to see what you’re doing with it! Love watching & crocheting vicariously!

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