Stash down challenge 2011: Day 24

Today was Thanksgiving, and now that thanks has been given, the retail sales day known as “Black Friday,” is about to dawn.

For crafters who celebrate Christmas, it means there are only 30 crafting days between now and the big day.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas for those of us in the northern hemisphere, the onset of winter is at hand and the colder, less forgiving weather that comes with it means that many charities are in need of hats, scarves, mittens, and blankets to make sure that those in need are able to stay warm. For readers in the southern hemisphere, I have included an adorable tote as every season is the perfect season for a new bag.

Here are some project I hope I have time to complete between now and December 25:

1: Dao Lam’s Nordstrom Crochet Hobo Bag:

Inspired by this bag:

Nordstrom crochet hobo bag

Ms. Lam took hook to yarn and devised her own version. Approximately 800 ravelers have made the bag, and you can find the pattern at her blog, Just one more line, by clicking on this link.

2: The Cardiff Cowl from Lion Brand Yarn:

Lion Brand ® Yarn Cardiff Cowl

You have to get a free subscription from Lion Brand® Yarn to access this pattern, but once you do, you can type “Cardiff Cowl” into the pattern search feature, and it will come right up. Since I am always cold, I welcome all gifts that can serve as a buffer between me and winter.

3: Reversible Strand for Men (and women too):

Reversible strand for men (and women too!)

The brainchild of Nancy Smith, this pattern is available as a free PDF at her website. If you take the time to view more of the work that is showcased at her blog, NLS Stitching, it will quickly become apparent that she has a gift for including texture in her designs, and this hat is no exception.

4: Linda Cyr’s Parisian Mitts:

Linda Cyr’s Parisian Mitts

This pattern is one of many featured at Red Heart Yarn’s website, which currently requires no registration. I keep thinking I need a pair of fingerless gloves, and these look like they would go perfectly with a favorite vintage coat I have hanging in my closet.

These four projects seem like they are a lot of fun, and I am hoping that I get to try my hand at each one of them before the next 30 days have passed.

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