Stash down challenge 2011: Day 26

When I wake up tomorrow morning, there will be just 4 days left of the stash down challenge, and I am trying to figure out what can I get done before the month is over and I switch gears to get ready for the holidays.

In reviewing the things on my want-to-do list of projects were these legwarmers:

Lianka Azulay’s crocodile stitch legwamers

Designed by Lianka Azulay, the pattern offered for sale through her etsy shop.

One day last week I had planned to start work on a pair of legwarmers only to discover that I needed a sport weight yarn. I tend to do most of my work with worsted weight yarns, and I seldom have much in the way of sport weight on hand, but after my initial disappointment, I rummaged through the stash acquisition and found this:

crocodile stitch crochet legwarmers, crochetbug, yarn stash, vintage yarn, yarn buster, sport weight yarn
Two skeins of gray sport weight Red Heart yarn from my recent stash acquistion

a vintage sport weight acrylic yarn, which was exactly what I needed to make these legwarmers.

Today, I finally had a moment to sit down with the pattern and give it a whirl. After an hour-and-a-half, I had gotten this far:

crocodile stitch crochet legwarmers, crochetbug, yarn stash, vintage yarn, yarn buster, sport weight yarn
I finish the bottom of one crochet crocodile stitch legwarmer

Part of the reason it took me so long was that I was not doing my most careful reading.

At first this caused a particular problem with round 3. Rather working the crocodile stitch in every over V-stitch as directed, I had worked a crocodile stitch in every V-stitch. While it made for a very interesting and very ruffly treatment, this innovation did not improve the legwarmers.

Once I had frogged (unraveled) the last 15 of 16 crocodile stitches, I completed round 3 almost as directed, and I continued through to the end of round 13.

I say “almost” because it turned out that there was another salient detail I had missed when reading the directions for round 3. Instead of making one chain right after the first set of 5 front post stitches and just before the second set of 5 post stitches, I had just moved along without bothering to make the chain one.

I have not yet decided if this lack of a chain 1 is an innovation I can live with or an innovation that would be better if frogged, but I am learning that impatience greatly slows my progress..

4 thoughts on “Stash down challenge 2011: Day 26

  1. OMGosh – those are adorable! Is there any way to adjust the pattern to fit an 8-yr-old? My granddaughter is THE MOST girlie-girl and would love those!

  2. Those legwarmers are cute. I’ve been seeing this Crocodile stitch everywhere. Think I better test it out. 🙂

  3. are these worked in rounds or back and forth rows? I want to make a pair of booties with this method but using my sole and body and I think this would be a lovely addition to them, thank you for your time

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