Stash down challenge 2011: Day 29

I woke up to the day before the last day of November: the second to last day of my Stash Down Challenge 2011.

Yesterday, after I made this crochet munchkin hat:

striped munchkin crochet hat
Stash busting munchkin crochet hat

I took my son to his trumpet lesson, and as is my wont, I brought a crochet project with me.

Having completed the munchkin hat, I needed something else to work on. Something that met the requirement of my stash down challenge and was eminently portable.

Enter Twinkie Chan.

Ms. Chan is, as some of my regular readers know, one of my favorite crochet designers. I love her unbridled enthusiasm for the craft, her ingenious use of unconventional and unusual motifs, and her complete fearlessness when it comes to weaving in ends.

She is, in a word, mega-inspriational.

Having recently seen a rendition of Ms. Chan’s toast scarf at Ravelry, I left for the lesson armed with my set of Etimo crochet hooks, my copy of Twinkie Chan’s Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies, and a dark beige yarn, I set out to my son’s trumpet lesson, and spent the next forty-five minutes crocheting two slices of toast (sans crust).

This morning, I picked up where I left off, and continued crocheting with the dark beige yarn. Realizing I would run out of this particular yarn before I had enough slices of toast to complete the scarf, I dug through the remaining stash and found several skeins that would make a suitable white bread toast and got to work on those. By the time my son got home from school, I had completed crocheting 10 of the 15 slices needed for the scarf:

crochet pieces of toast for a crochet scarf
Whole wheat and white toast sans crusts

as well as the pats of butter to go with them:

crochet pieces of toast for a crochet scarf
Toast-to-be with pats of butter

Tomorrow, I am hoping to finish the remaining slices of toast, crochet crust onto at least five of the slices, finish weaving in the ends of the pats of butter, and join at least one slice of toast to another.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be a moment to reflect on what I have learned over the 30 days of this stash down challenge.

Or maybe not.


5 thoughts on “Stash down challenge 2011: Day 29

  1. AWESOME!! A white & whole wheat toast!! I’m so glad you’re giving this one a try! It’s so fun to make!

  2. I’d love to see photos of how you weave in ends. I’ve not gotten the hang of it well and can’t find a good tutorial.

  3. You are blessed with a wonderful
    imagination. I would love to see any
    other projects that you have completed ….or almost!!!!!!!!!
    Have fun!!!!!

  4. Oh yum! Toast and butter – one of my favorite snacks. But I had no idea it could be crocheted!!!

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