Stash down challenge 2011: Day 28

This past Friday (November 25) I got an email from a close friend asking if I had a small hat or blanket she could include as part of a gift for an expectant friend whose baby shower is scheduled for December 4.

I was thrilled to have been asked to help out, and while I had nothing already made, I did have a project on my want-to-do list that I was itching to try.

My first question was whether the parents-to-be knew the sex of the child. It turned out they did and the baby (due around St. Valentine’s Day) is a girl.

Sorting through the many skeins of yarn to choose from for November’s 2011 stash down challenge, I settled on the pink I used in the sushi roll scarf:

sushi crochet scarf
The first two feet of my sushi crochet scarf

and a soft, coral orange.

Using the two colors, an 5.0 mm hook, and the Crochet Munchkin Hat pattern courtesy of the crochet/knit designer known as Neanner, I got to work, and in short order (and with a few modifications due to the fact I was running out of some of the yarn more quickly than I was running out of pattern), I had completed my first Crochet Munchkin hat.

Here is a view of the seam side of the hat:

munchkin crochet hat seam
Seam of the munchkin crochet hat

And here is a view of the front:

munchkin crochet hat
Stash busting munchkin crochet hat

Because I ran out of yarn, I eliminated the pom-pom and the last row of single crochet stitches. This was further complicated by a shortage of the pink yarn, which prompted me to change the striping pattern to better accommodate the yarn I had.

The directions in the pattern were impeccable, and in the process of making the hat, I learned a new method that makes the joining seam much straighter than other methods I have employed.

This is a completely worthwhile project and a delightful way to spend an afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Stash down challenge 2011: Day 28

  1. so adorable but I am confused how this style would serve a newborn…. Man with today’s rules and standards for child safety they offer sleep sacs as somehow baby blankets have even became unsafe to use for fear of them getting caught up in them (?) Perhaps it will just be an object d’art in the child’s room…..
    I’d love to learn your new seam technique -am working a cowl in the round at the moment and some times even putting each stitch where it belongs – I seem to have a gap…..

  2. My daughter has a photography business and I have made a hat similar to this for her to use in newborn pix. Can’t wait to take a peek at the pattern you used since I just kind of winged it when I made mine.

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