Stash down challenge 2012: Day 28

I wanted today to end with me feeling that I had really gotten something done, so I started by finishing Square 14 from Jean Leinhauser’s 101 Crochet Squares.

When I put my hooks away for the day yesterday, I had completed the first four rounds:

The round and ruffled center of a crochet square
The first four rounds of square 14

That left me with six more rounds to go, and with each round, there were a lot more stitches. The squiggly rounds in particular (4, 6, and 8) were very stitch intensive, but eventually, I got it done:

Crochet square with heavy ruffling
Square 14

Having successfully finished the square which, to my eye, had a floral air to it, I decided to stick with that theme, and I found another square that had (again, to my eye) a floral flair to it: Square 12:

Small crochet square with a crochet rosebud center
Square 12

Square 12 was interesting in several ways.

While there were a large number of ends to be woven in per square inch created, there were some interesting techniques used to create the textured effects, one of which I might use to revise the way I make the chocolate chip cookie for the cookieghan:

crochet cookie chocolate chip
Chocolate chip cookie

With square 12 completed, I then worked on my African flower hexagon mediation.

I am, at some point, going to have to set the meditation aside for a bit so that I can concentrate on making gifts, but I have not yet reached that point yet, so I made this hexagon:

African flower crochet hexagon
The twenty-first hexagon

and attached it to the twenty hexagons that came before for a total of 21:

African flower crochet hexagon meditation
Day 21 of my African flower hexagon meditation

And with just a touch of daylight left, I moved onto square 18, the next floral-ish square on my to-do list, and an easy one at that:

Crochet square 18 which I finished on day 28
Crochet square 18 which I finished on day 28

What I like about working my way through all of the motifs in a book is that I end up learning things along the way that I didn’t know I needed to learn and that I can use later in my own designs and constructions.

As for my day, not only did I accomplish more than I had hoped to, when the sun had set and I had put my hooks up for the day, the clear cold skies allowed me a great view of the full moon:

full moon over Raleigh, north carolina
Full moon as seen from my driveway

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  1. So very cool that Jupiter was even visible in your full moon photo!!! I am loving your Hexi meditation more and more!

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